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Chicago Cubs Comforter Set
Chicago Cubs Comforter Set

Baseball bedding and other sports-related bedding isn't just for the kids' room anymore. Whether you're an American League or National League Fan, you can find bedding that highlights your favorite team in king, queen, full or twin sets.

Baseball Themed Nursery

If you're an avid baseball fan with a baby on the way, you may want to consider decorating the nursery with a baseball theme. offers a "crib in a bag" that includes:

  • Comforter with cording or ruffles
  • Bumper Pad Set
  • Fitted Crib Sheet
  • Tailored Crib Skirt

When buying bedding for your new baby, it's a good idea to buy extra sheets. Having additional sheets on hand makes it easy to keep the theme intact and helps eliminate unnecessary loads of laundry when you're baby soils their sheets.

Other Resources for Nursery Baseball Bedding

All Star Sports Toddler Bedding

Baseball Bedding for Kids

From toddlers to older kids, a baseball theme is popular for the bedroom. If you have a hard time finding what you want at your local department store, you can find a variety of baseball themed bedding to choose from online. The following links offer a wide selection:

Baseball Themed Bedding for the Adult Sports Fan

While decorating a nursery or toddlers room with baseball bedding can be fun, the hardcore baseball fan that wants to bring their bedroom décor to an adult level that says I'm a number one fan can find paraphernalia and bedding that highlights the team of their choice. Here are some examples:

New York Yankees

If you're a Yankees fan, American Bed Linens carries a number of items you'll find of interest.

  • NY Yankees Woven Throw (available in a number of sizes
  • NY Yankees Fleece Blanket (available in a number of sizes)
  • Alex Rodrigues #13 new York Yankees Tapestry Throw
  • Derek Jeter #2 New York Yankees Tapestry Throw
  • Johnny Damon #18 New York Yankees Tapestry Throw
  • Jason Giambi #25 New York Yankees Tapestry Throw
  • New York Yankees Camo Collection
  • New York Yankees MLB World Series Commemorative Throw by American Bed Linens

Chicago Cubs

Going Pro Sports offers baseball bedding including comforter, pillow cases, and throw pillows. To help you complete the look of your room, you can add special touches with lamps curtains and more gear that bear your team's insignia or logo.

Bedding Available for the Following Teams also carries a selection of baseball bedding for many other favorite teams including:

Choose Quality Bedding

When buying baseball bedding, don't settle for less quality just to get something that represents your favorite team. You can find quality sports bedding for a specific team or go with a general baseball theme. Bedding can include sheets, comforters, pillow cases, shams, and more. Buying quality ensures comfort and durability. Choose sheets with a high thread count. If you try to save money by purchasing less quality, it can result in sheets that pill or bedding that fades. In that case, your bargain isn't quite as much of a bargain in the long run because you will have to replace it sooner.

Other Tips for Buying Quality Bedding

  • Purchase bedding from a reputable company that offers a satisfaction guarantee and allows you to return your purchase without hassle.
  • Buy brand name products.
  • Buy the best quality your budget allows.

Color Is a Consideration

If you don't want to add fresh paint to the bedroom another consideration when choosing your bedding is color. You may love the look of the bedspread or comforter sets representing your team, but many teams have bold colors which are carried over to the baseball bedding. Not only that, but many of them include dark blues or reds that can make a small room look smaller. The overall look of your room will be influenced by light and the other colors in the room. Take this into consideration when making your purchase.

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