Alabama Crimson Tide Comforter and Curtains Set

Alabama Crimson Tide Bedding

Anyone who has ever chanted "roll tide!" probably understands the importance of an Alabama Crimson Tide comforter and curtains set. Diehard fans of the University of Alabama's athletic teams proudly display their support in many ways, from wearing T-shirts to decorating their bedrooms.

About the Alabama Crimson Tide

The Crimson Tide is the name of the University of Alabama's various athletic teams. The school is an NCAA Division I competitor, and is known especially for its football program. The school colors, crimson and white, lend themselves well to a variety of team paraphernalia. The sheer amount of pride in the team has inspired the creation of hundreds of different products, including furniture, rugs, lamps, kitchenware, shoes, bedding, and many other items.

Crimson Tide Bedding

Whether you're honoring your alma mater in your home or shopping for a new Alabama student's bedroom, you'll find plenty of bedding products in the vast Crimson Tide catalog. Available bedding includes fleece blankets, throw pillows, travel pillows, throws, blankets, sheet sets, bed rests, baby bedding, pillow shams, comforters, window valances, bed skirts, and complete comforter sets. Depending on where the product is sold, prices may vary slightly from retailer to retailer.

Purchasing Alabama Crimson Tide Comforter and Curtains Set

If you're in the market for an Alabama Crimson Tide comforter and curtains set, you're in luck. The products are readily available in a variety of sizes. The comforters and curtains are sold both individually and as sets. The set include:

  • One comforter
  • One window valance
  • Two pillow shams
  • One sheet set
  • One bed skirt
  • One set of window drapes
  • One pillow

Sizes and Styles

The comforter sets are available in twin, full and queen sizes. Each size is available in two different designs:

  • Locker Room: The Locker Room set features an Alabama Crimson Tide logo screen print on a crimson background.
  • Sideline: The Sideline set features the Alabama Crimson Tide logo screen print on a crimson background, surrounded by a black bar (representing sidelines) on each side.

While the comforters and pillows in both sets showcase the difference between the two designs, the drapes and window valances in both sets are identical.

Mix and Match

Let's say you happen to love the simple look of the Locker Room comforter, but want to add a Sideline piece to the mix. In that case, purchasing the pieces individually may be a better option. It should be noted that your total will likely be slightly more than it would be should you purchase a set, especially if you are purchasing all of the items. On the other hand, you might just be interested in only the comforter and curtains. That will be cheaper than purchasing the entire set. In that case, there are two options:

Choose between two comforter styles: the Locker Room in either twin or full/queen size, or the Sideline in either twin or full/queen size. Both are made out of polyester jersey, with a polyester filler and are machine washable.

Choose the appropriate drapes in sizes short (82 inches wide by 63 inches long) or long (82 inches wide by 84 inches long). Don't forget the valance (88 inches wide by 14 inches long), which accommodates both drapery sizes.

Where to Purchase

Alabama Crimson Tide bedding is available at a variety of online retailers, including:

  • Alabama Fan Shop: This is the official online store for the University of Alabama's athletic department. The store offers a 365-day money back guarantee. This is especially helpful when bedding is involved, since it is essential to examine the quality and construction of the material carefully before using any product. Note that the items must be in their original condition, including any labels or tags, in order to be returned. The receipt must also be included for a complete refund, less shipping charges.
  • Sports Authority: If you're interested in seeing the item in person before purchasing, you might be able to find it here. Give your local store a call beforehand to ensure that it's in stock. While the product is available online at the Sports Authority's website, it is not returnable in Sports Authority stores.
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