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Coca-Cola Bottle Sheet Set
Coca-Cola Bottle Sheet Set

Coca-Cola enthusiasts like to display their love for the product and product design. Logo bedding options are sure to please most Coca-Cola fans who want to decorate their bedroom with the famous brand.

Coca-Cola® Bottles Twin or Full Sheet Set

Bed Bath & Beyond brings a fun choice for any Coca-Cola enthusiast. This black and white sheet set features rows of the iconic bottle that's sure to please anyone looking for Coke linens. The set is made from 100% polyester and is machine washable.

Set includes:

  • Twin: One flat sheet (66" W x 96"), one flat sheet (39" W x 75" L), and one standard pillowcase
  • Full: One flat sheet (81" W x 96" L), one flat sheet (54" W x 75" L), and two standard pillowcases

Pros: This set might be just what a fan needs to complete a comforter or duvet set that didn't come with sheets.

Cons: Some customers may find the bottle pattern too large and busy.

Price: $44.99 (twin), $52.99 (full)

Seven Piece Logo Bedding Set

This licensed bedding set is red with the Coca-Cola logo in white. The back of the comforter is white featuring gray coke bottles. The top fabric is 100% super-soft microfiber fabric and 100% polyester filler. It's machine washable.

Set includes:

  • 1 comforter
  • 2 pillow shams (standard size)
  • 1 full sheet
  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 2 pillowcases (standard size)

Pros: Coca-Cola fans who love the logo will be enamored with this large bold logo on the duvet. One customer reviewed the set, saying "Good quality we were very happy with our purchase."

Cons: Fans seeking a more subtle logo design may wish to skip this collection.

Price: $111.64 (twin) $121.64 (full)

Coca-Cola® Duvet Set

French-Brand presents a 100% cotton duvet set. The duvet features a pair of coke bottles encircle in white set against a Coca-Cola red background. A pair of horizontal white lines run along the bottom section of the duvet to the scrolled logo.

The duvet reverse side is white with the repetitive red lettering Coca-Cola logo. Also available for separate purchase is a fitted sheet repeats the Coca-Cola logo design of the reversed side of the duvet. Machine washable, tumble dry.

Set includes:

  • Twin: Duvet and one standard pillowcase
  • Full: Duvet and two standard pillowcases

Pros: Fans seeking a red bedding ensemble will love this set!

Cons: The fitted sheet isn't included in the set, but can be purchased separately. The two pillows are different designs. One is red and the other is white.

Price: $43.58 (twin), $72.63 (full), fitted sheet $21.79

Suzana Duvet Set

This French-Brand 100% cotton duvet and pillow set features a retro Coca-Cola advertisement with a pinup beach model holding a bottle of coke. The white background highlights the round-cornered diamond blue in the center that backdrops the superimposed bathing suit model along with the red Coca-Cola round logo.

Beneath the model are the words in red lettering, "Delicious and Refreshing". The image composition is framed with a wide and a thin red line. The reversed side of the duvet features the Coca-Cola scrolled logo. A fitted sheet with the scrolled logo is also available for separate purchase.

Set includes:

  • Twin: Duvet and one standard pillowcase
  • Full: Duvet and two standard pillowcases

Pros: Fans of Coca-Cola advertisements will love this bedding set especially if they want to have a retro theme to their bedroom.

Cons: The two pillows included in the set are different. One displays a coke bottle, while the other states, "Pause and Refresh". Anyone wishing for matching pillows might not be pleased with two separate designs.

Price: $50.28 (twin), $72.63 (full), fitted sheet $19.00 (twin) $26.26 (full)

Hearts Snow Sheet Set

Cola Stuff USA in offers king size only in this Coca-Cola Hearts Snow sheet set. The design features snowflakes, stars, hearts and coke bottles in gray and blue set against a white background. Scattered throughout are red hearts and coke bottles.

Set includes:

  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 2 pillow cases

Pros: This sheet set is more subtle than many of the other Coca-Cola logo designs. This may appeal to fans who want a touch of Coca-Cola logo bedding without it making so bold a statement.

Cons: The sheet set is only available in king size. It also has a clear winter theme, so it won't necessarily work as well in other seasons.

Price: $69.98

Throw Blanket Options

Throw blankets are great for a child's bed or can be used in a den to cuddle underneath while watching a movie.

Coca Cola Santa Helicopter

Fan Gear Unlimited features a retro design for this child's 48" x 60" throw blanket (also available at Santa is sitting on the floor by the Christmas tree enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola while playing with a train set and coke helicopter. The throw is woven from polyester yarn and has decorative fringes. Made in the USA.

Pros: Fans of retro nostalgic Coca-Cola classic Santa should be very pleased with this throw blanket.

Cons: This throw blanket is seasonal, specifically for Christmas and may have a limited user time.

Price: $34.95

Coca-Cola London

Walmart features this red 100% polyester 46" x 60" Coca-Cola London micro Raschel throw by the Northwest Company. The lettering on this throw reads "Coca-Cola EST. 1886 University" printed in white. The throw is machine washable.

Pros: This throw blanket has an unexpected design featuring Big Ben in a classic late 1880s London city scape. For any Coca-Cola fan wanting to add to their collection or just to have a unique piece of bedding, this blanket is a must have!

Cons: Fans interested in American-related images and classic advertisements might not have a deep appreciation for this blanket.

Price: $19.96 (free shipping order $50+ or free pickup at store)

Coca-Cola Bedding Choices

These are a few of the available Coca-Cola bedding choices that fans will appreciate. These bedding pieces are reasonably priced making them economical additions to any collection.

Coca Cola Bedding