Kids Floor Pillows

dinosaur floor pillow

Fun Designs

Kids' floor pillows in fun designs are great for playrooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. Children can use them for reading, homework, play, watching television, sleepovers, and many other creative and imaginative uses, and they come in a wide variety of designs to suit any child's imagination and personality. Basic pillows with dinosaurs, pets, cars, cowboys, rockets, clowns, and other embroidered icons are the simplest styles, but there are many other options available as well.

Minnie Mouse floor pillow
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Character Pillows

Oversized character pillows make great floor pillows for kids. Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters are always popular. Characters from other popular children's books, movies, and television shows are also available as pillows.

Little Mermaid Pillow
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Girls Pillows

Floor pillows for girls often have feminine themes such as princess or mermaid motifs. Designs of unicorns, flowers, butterflies, and fairies are popular. Many girls' pillows are lighter colors, however, and may be more difficult to keep clean.

Star pillow
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Star Pillows

Show your child that she's a star by choosing a star-shaped floor pillow. This is the perfect choice for a child's bedroom in a space theme, and it can easily be coordinated with star-themed bedding, curtains, and even glow-in-the-dark stars.

Flower floor pillow
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Flower Pillows

Flower-shaped pillows are a popular choice for girls of all ages. Flower pillows come in different sizes and colors, and they can coordinate with simple floral themed bedroom décor or more elaborate themes such as a fairy forest or butterfly garden.

Bear Pillow
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Bear Pillow

A giant teddy bear floor pillow is great for boys and girls. Soft and floppy, this type of pillow doubles as a stuffed animal toy or bear rug and can be a fun addition to a child's bedroom or playroom.

Football pillow
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Sports Themes

Giant novelty pillows or floor pillows with sports themes are perfect for active, athletic children. Many of these pillows can serve as substitute indoor toys as well, ensuring that harder, more dangerous outdoor toys will not break anything or cause injuries.

Personalized Pillow
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Personalized Pillows

Personalized kids' floor pillows are popular and give any pillow design an extra touch. Pillows can be personalized with your child's name, favorite colors, or specific pictures of objects or activities he enjoys. Personalizing the pillow will also help your child remember to use it, particularly if different children in the same family have similar pillows.

Dogbone shape pillow
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Dogbone Shape

Dogbone style floor pillows are a versatile shape for children. They can be used as backrests, cuddled with as body pillows, or used as imaginative saddles. These pillows come in a variety of sizes and patterns to suit any child's preferences.

Winnie the Pooh Microbead Pillow
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Pooh Pillow

A Winnie the Pooh floor pillow is perfect for a nursery to accompany story times with these cherished children's books. This is also a great choice for a kindergarten classroom or for any child who loves books.

Highschool Musical Backrest Pillow
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Backrest Pillows

A backrest pillow with more solid stuffing is a great choice for older children. While less flexible, these pillows are more suitable for use while reading or doing homework, yet they can still be fun and colorful. Movie characters, Disney princesses, and solid colors are all available.

Sport team pillow
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Activity Pillows

A floor pillow themed after a child's favorite activity can be a great place to rest. Cheerleading, athletics, skateboarding, dance, and other themes are available for backrest pillows suitable for children and teenagers.

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Moon Pillow

A moon-shaped pillow in yellow or a blue color is perfect for a nursery or bedroom. This unique, slender shape is ideal for cuddling up for naptime or bedtime, and coordinates well with any celestial themed bedding or décor.

NFL Green Bay Packers pillow
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Sports Teams

Floor pillows with sports team logos or general sports motifs are popular choices for athletic children. Choose a pillow with a durable covering and it can even be used as a seat for outdoor sporting events, allowing the child to show his or her allegiance in a fashionable and comfortable way.

Ladybug Cuddle Up Pillow
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Ladybug Pillow

A ladybug pillow design is whimsical and colorful. Choosing a pillow with an easily washable covering is vital to keep it looking fresh and new, even after plenty of wear or the occasional spill.

green cord floor pillow
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Plain Pillows

Plain floor pillows are always suitable for children, especially if their tastes change frequently. Choose a solid color pillow and opt for one with a handle so it can easily be carried from room to room. Also, look for washable pillows or pillow covers to keep it fresh and looking new for many years.

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